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Programming /Servers

I have a passion for web design, but more than that I love to program with PHP. I find setting up a database to communicate with a dynamic website is personal very rewarding. I have used ASP.Net and PHP to accomplish this, both work well. PHP I find to be very reliable. If ASP.Net can't find an image or is running slow on someone's computer it can quit. Also only works on a server that is running Windows. Windows might be a good server but it's a limitation. PHP works on all server and runs with half the code of As servers go I have had the best experience on a Linux server. Every aspect of the Linux server runs very fast and efficiently.

Clean Living

I believe in eating healthy and staying active. I work out 5 times a week. Monday is Chest & Back. Tuesday is Core and Cardio. Wednesday is Shoulders and Arms. Friday is Legs. Saturday is Core and Cardio. About an hour each day, sometimes on a day off I'll do a ton of crunches. I got most of the workouts that I do for online searches of Hollywood work outs of Channing Tatum, Brad Pit, Tom Hardy & from P90X Videos. I mix theses together to perfect a workout routine I really enjoy and I can look forward too.

I also believe that food is the most powerful medicine we put into our body's. That being said a good diet is everything to being healthy. Probiotics in yogurt are a great way to keep the digestive system healthy to get the most out of everything that one eats. I personally avoid carbs, mostly bread & Sugar. I still enjoy a slice of pizza and a sandwich in moderation. I try to eat lots of protein and vegetables. Now carbs aren't bad they provide lots of energy and let's face it, my favorite foods are loaded with them. Eating carbs right before a big work out can help one to get through a very intense workout. The reason I avoid them is because I like my body to be very lean.


Being a web designer and a gamer go hand in hand, I find inspiration from many place, One of my favorite place is in the game world. I have a second generation Playstation 3. I love when I get so into a game I can't stop till I have completely beat the game to the end. It's like watching a movie except its interactive. The problem with this is that once the game is beat I can't seem to get myself to play it ever again. Online game changes this aspect thou. Black Ops & Uncharted 3 are both amazing games that even after you better it in story mode you continue to play the game online with other people from all over the world. Uncharted 3 is most addicting, with the goal of maxing out ones legacy.

One Man IT Department. Basically I can fix your computer or your car. If you need a web site, I can build it. If you need a catering, I can cook. If you need a DJ, I can bring the noise.

I have a BA in Multi-Media Art. I Graduated for Robert Morris University on the deans list.

I very recently had a son. His Name is Blake Thomas Nowicki.

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