Web Designer

You could get a templet and start hacking at the html and CSS and watch a bunch of YouTube videos, but will it have that pop? Will it be unique? Will it be special? Tell you what, if you think you can do it, I encourage it, email me any questions you have, and I will help you for free. That’s right for free. If you just want it done right now and you are on a budget, then I am here for you.


I know, big dreams right. Well I have been fortunate enough to have been cast in some super cool Indy films. Like "Not Another Zombie Movie", "Leaf Blower Massacre 2" and a few others. If you would like a full list of my acting credits, please visit my IMDB page. If you are casting and came across my page, yes, I would love to audition if you think I am right for the part. I am always trying to push my own bonders and experiment with characters. I have also written a screenplay. It is a "Post-Apocalyptic Adventure". Shoot me an email let's see if we can't make something work.tommynow1980@gmail.com


Check out my music page click here


Here are some great examples of my work.


Enough about me, tell me about you. You seem like you might need a website and are searching for options. I would be more than happy to give you a quote for free.