Find out what causes a person to become addicted, predisposed to addiction, and more. A public that is knowledgeable about these topics will help fight the stigma attached to users and help them get treatment.

													There are many misconceptions about heroin/opioid abuse, addiction, the law, and treatment options out there. Much of this misinformation is a result of prejudice or an unwillingness to accept some of the hard truths about heroin and opioids in the community and the youth who may abuse it. The information presented here comes from independent research conducted by reputable organizations without political bias.												

Medication Assisted Treatment

  • Learn about medications to help with opioid addiction.

How Heroin Changes the Brain

  • Addiction is a chronic brain disease.

Myths Surrounding Heroin and Users

  • Dispells many common myths surrounding heroin and its users. Michael's House Treatment Facility