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Rolling Meadows Street Fair 2018

Hidden in Plain Sight Trailer at Street Fair

Prescribed To Death

National Safety Counsel Video on Prescription Drug Overdose Death

Oswego forum

A discussion on the heroin epidemic

Special Segment: The Hidden Epidemic

Heroin is Cheap, and increasingly, today's addicts is young, female and from the suburbs.

Heroin: A Hidden Epidemic

Heroin usage is on the rise nationwide. CNN's Don Lemon speaks with a recovering heroin addict.

I was as shocked as any other parent

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John Roberts, a retired Chicago police captain, started the Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization after losing his teenage son to a heroin overdose.

HERO Interview with John Roberts and Pat Walker

Television interview with captain John Roberts, founder of HERO, and member Pastor Pat Walker talking about the HERO organization and the heroin epidemic gripping the nation.