Watching videos can be fun and educational. This is our video resource library.

													There are many misconceptions about heroin/opioid abuse, addiction, the law, and treatment options out there. Much of this misinformation is a result of prejudice or an unwillingness to accept some of the hard truths about heroin and opioids in the community and the youth who may abuse it. The information presented here comes from independent research conducted by reputable organizations without political bias.												

HERO Co-Founders Speak Out

  • Listen as John and Brian are interviewed by channel 6 in New Lenox.

There is a Hole in My Sidewalk

  • A Poem written by Portia Nelson

Restless Streets - "Wrong Kids" Official Music Video

  • The band has decided to donate all proceeds from iTunes sales of “Wrong Kids” to HERO, an organization dedicated to stopping the heroin epidemic and helping the families of those lost to the disease of addiction.

I Thought I Knew.

  • Real Stories of Addiction and Recovery.